Corruption prevailing in the police department

Almost all the police department of all the state has became an organised gangs of criminal engaged in all types of illegal activities like

extortion, bribery, theft, robbery, dacoity, smuggling, kidnapping, buying and selling of police station and posts, drugs peddling, human trafficking, violation of law, rule, guidelines etc., misconducts, abuse of power and engaged in corruption and many more ....

That, the lower rank officers are engaged in all types of illegal activities possible.

That, the IIC and in charge of police station are getting posted in a suitable post by paying Rs. 10 lakh to 2.00 crores to their senior officers and considering their foremost duties to get back that amount with profit and engaged themselves in false implication, not registering FIR till bribe is not paid, collection of amount from opposition parties, filling weak charge-sheet after taking bribe from accuse.

That, the senior officers are getting their share from the bounty, transfer posting, shares from ransoms and other illegal activities

That, the police department is doing all these illegal activities in syndication with anti socials and corrupt politicians under the protection of their own senior officers, department and home department

so as a RTI and human rights defender we should raise own voice against these illegality.

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