BAR Council of India has DOUBLE STANDAR Policy

Bar Council of India has double standard policy towards administration of legal education in India.

on the one  hand they are implementing policies such as compulsory passing of BAR COUNCUL OF INDIA EXAM for all the law degree holder to enable them for the eligibility for the practice as an advocate in different courts of India. they also recently implemented a new rule for the existing advocates for compulsory passing of the examination who passed their LLB examination after 2010

And on the other hand their officers are taking BRIBE in lakh from the private law colleges to keep their eyes closed towards the irregularity in law admission in these colleges/universities as these universities are taking 3-5 lakh of rupees from the students for the grant of law degrees without coming to take classes in the colleges as they are mostly the WORKING PROFESSIONALS, BUSINESS MEN and PUBLIC SERVANTS in some cases.

There are state Govt. rules that without 75% attendance the students will not allowed to sit for the examination but these law universities are taking illegal collection of money  from the students and other students for make up for the attendance registers.

The questions papers of the examination are provided to these students much before the exam. so that they can pass the exam and they are even allowed to do cheating during the examination.

The syllabus and marking system are so made which allowed even a DUMB to pass a Law exam.

The hona'ble Supreme court  and High courts have given many guidelines to curve these irregularities but Bar council of India do not take it seriously and for the same the situation and quality of law profession in India is such a low that even an advocate having more that 10 years of experience do not know what is a writ of Habeas Corpus and for what purpose this writ is used.

The incompetent lawyer are only doing ; 

  1. Bail and Bond Work
  2. Only Filling cases and not following the cases
  3. Engaged in illegal money collection with the nexus of corrupt police officers
  4. Sabotaging the cases of innocent clients with the nexus with opposition parties
  5. Sabotaging the cases of innocent clients with the nexus with opposition lawyer
  6. Not attending the cases in the Executive Magistrate's court as they know that u/s 107, 108, 109 & 110  of CrPC. cases are going to be dropped automatically in six months.
  7. Taking their fee in advance and not filling the cases
There is no proper inspection by the Bar Council in these universities whether these universities and colleges are providing quality law education or not. and nothing is done to curve these corrupt practices.

these are the serious allegations against the Bar council of India, State Bar Council and law universities and the authorities are requested to take strict action to curve for the same.

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