National RTI Forum is the 1st largest organization in India which is an independent non-partisan, non-government organization incorporated under the legislation of government. This organization has been working since 2011 in the field of implementation of RTI act. Anti-corruption, Empowering the citizens about their rights and duties and thus promote the basic principles of Indian constitution.

India is the largest democratic country of world, & the citizen are the ultimate authority in a democracy, democracy requires an informed citizenry and transparency of information which are vital to its functioning and also to contain corruption.

We have been actively involved in spreading the awareness of RTI act amongst all citizens of the society including intensive programs like workshop, training programs, seminars, etc..

We also provide various information related to public domain access through RTI act.

We are specialized in conducting workshops and training programs for the public seminars and first appeals authority.

We also provide analysis, expert viewpoint of various sections of RTI act and other law and also provide complete solution related to RTI act.

We have accessed much information using the tool of RTI act detaining to the public domain and because of our effort, many public authorities were forced to bring transparency, accountability.

We have to go miles ahead, the work is tremendous, within a very short span of time, our organization spread to many states of India, name a few-Bihar, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, etc.

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